The Organ Training Program provides access to private instructors for lessons to all levels of players ages 5-17. Students at the intermediate and advanced levels are required to have access to an organ on which to practice. The Sacred Music Academy will assist in setting up practice times on local instruments as needed.

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Beginner Lessons

Students with no piano/keyboard experience will begin with introductory piano lessons. Depending on age, lessons last between 20-30 minutes.

Intermediate Lessons

Students with several years of piano background are eligible to begin organ lessons. This instruction usually begins with organ-specific exercises that may be practiced on a piano or keyboard. As pedal work increases, the student will need access to an organ on which to practice. Lessons last between 30-40 minutes.

Advanced Lessons

Students with a significant amount of piano lessons or who have already started organ lessons are eligible to study advanced organ technique. The student will practice regularly on the organ. Lessons last between 40-60 minutes.