Help us grow our program with a gift of charity or time.

You can support the Sacred Music Academy, Notre Dame Children's Choir, and Organ Training Program in several vital ways:

Fundraising Events

Each year the Academy holds three fundraising events that support programs such as the organ training program, Lyric Choir for singers with mixed abilities, the Prelude Choir for parents, infants, and toddlers, as well as tours and recordings.

NDCC Bowling Night at Strikes and Spares (November)

Enjoy two hours of unlimited bowling surrounded by friends and family from the Academy. We take over the entire bowling alley for this event.

Sacred Music Academy Winter Gala (January)

Join friends of the Sacred Music Academy in an elegant evening of dining, music, and silent auction. The Academy directors perform an annual Broadway revue for guests.

Notre Dame Day (April)

Notre Dame Day is a week of giving where at donation of $10 will be magnified by anonymous donors from the University into an addtional $50-$100 gift. Your individual contribution has an enormous impact. We have raised over $37,000 over the past two years from Notre Dame Day and are the 7th highest recipient of funds within the entire University.

Financial Contribution

Make a tax-deductible contribution online.


The Notre Dame Children's Choir is always in need for parent volunteers to chaperone rehearsals, performances, tours, and social occassions. In the past our parent volunteers have traveled with the choir to Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, and more. This summer's tour will include travel to St. Louis, Minneapolis, Milwalkee, and Des Moines. All volunteers for overnight events are required to undergo a background check.

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Host a Performance

The Notre Dame Children's Choir performs at local churches and community centers throughout the northern Indiana region. Our deadline for scheduling fall events is August 25; while our deadline for spring events is January 8.

If you would like one of our choirs to visit your church or center, send us an email.


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