Registration and Auditions

Registration Forms
  • New Singer Registration FORM - South Bend Choirs (Including the Lyric and Prelude Choirs)
    • Location: O'Neill Hall of Music at Notre Dame (south side of the football stadium)
    • Auditions: In-person for children ages 9-18 
    • Mid-year Auditions: January 

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New Singers who have registered online will receive an email in early August (or early January) with a information to set an audition appointment. Auditions and interviews will be facilitated by NDCC conductor, Mark Doerries, and NDCC Administrator, Suze Villano. Parents or guardians are welcome to stay and observe the audition. Each singer will be led through a brief exercise that will test his or her range. The singer will be asked to sing a series of pitches back to the facilitator. Finally, the singer may be asked to sing a simple song, such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," or "Are You Sleeping?" in a round with one of the facilitators. The NDCC staff will also conduct a brief interview and answer any questions.

Questions: E-mail question or concerns to

Program Requirements: Though there is no charge to families to participate, we take attendance, attitude, and classroom behavior very seriously. By accepting an offer to sing with the Notre Dame Children's Choir at any age, the singer and family must commit to a minimum of one semester of singing with the program, with an expectation that the singer will continue for the entire year (August-May/June). We accept singers up to age 17.

We invest over $2000 per child each year and we expect singers to be present at all rehearsals (see our Choirs page for rehearsal days), performances, tours, retreats, and special events that are outlined on the initial concert and rehearsal schedule distributed at the beginning of the year. If you are unable to make a rehearsal or see a conflict with a concert, you must notify NDCC staff of the issue so that a solution may be found. Church, school functions, illness, and family tragedy are excusable events; homework, doctor's appointments, sudden family vacations, outside musical and sports activities are not excusable events. While we make every effort to work with families with conflicts, we cannot retain singers who regularly miss rehearsals and performances.

If you have any questions about which specific program to register for, please do not hesitate to email us at