Music Intern Program

Apply for Organist or Choral Director Student Intern

This application is intended for those churches or schools seeking to host an organist or choral conductor from Notre Dame for a period of two or three years. The Notre Dame student’s position will be fully funded by a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment. The following guidelines will be used to determine a church’s eligibility for the placement of a Notre Dame graduate-student musician within its music ministry:

  • The church should be willing and ready to begin or continue a children’s choir program and have sufficient families and children to draw upon to establish a children’s choir program.

  • The church should be willing for the Notre Dame student to participate significantly in weekly services, as a choral director, organist or accompanist, associate conductor, or associate organist. The student will work a total of 10-12 hours per week; these hours may not be accumulated for use later in the year.

  • It is our hope that Notre Dame graduate-student interns will not be used to replace church musicians that are currently employed by the church. It is not our desire to put local musicians out of work through this new program.

If your institution meets this criteria, please complete our online application.