Noye's Fludde

Noye's Fludde (Noah's Flood)
by Benjamin Britten

May 2 & 3, 2014, 8:30-9:30PM
Hesburgh Library Richard & Margaret Carey Courtyard
(221 Hesburgh Library, Notre Dame, IN 46556)

Pre-Performance Talk - 'Building a Community in Noye's Fludde (1958)"
Christopher Chowrimootoo, Hesburgh Library Auditorium, 7:30PM.

Free and open to the public

Led by the Notre Dame Children's Choir
Mark Doerries, artistic director
Joseph Mace, guest artist in residence

Our performance of Noye's Fludde was an interactive community experience; the composer invited the audience to join the chorus on several well-known hymns (Eternal Father Strong to Save and All Praise to Thee (Tallis canon)) while the children enticed the audience to re-connect with the imagination of their childhood by blowing bubbles, coloring, and adding to our array of sidewalk art in the Library's courtyard. In honor of the Hesburgh Library's 50th Anniversary, we sought to capture the unbridled imagination of the child, that imagination that presses us to ask questions about our world, the questions and knowledge that fill the volumes of book, journals, and digital media within our ever-evolving library.

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Production Designers, Sets, Costumes, Installation:

Sophia Lee - Sets and Costumes
Olivia Bratton - Sets and Installation
MacKenzie McCray, Makup
Ryan Stutzman - Stage Manager
Josh Ingle - Stage, Sound, Lights



Joseph Mace, Noye - Guest Artist in Residence

Jamie Caporizo, Noye's Wife

Benjamin Capedvielle - God - Notre Dame Children's Choir Soloist

Renee Stallman - Sem, son of Noye - Notre Dame Children's Choir Soloist

Clare Cullinan - Ham, son of Noye - Notre Dame Children's Choir Soloist

Annabeth Bretz - Jaffett, son of Noye - Notre Dame Children's Choir Soloist

Anna Cooper - Mrs. Sem, Wife of Sem

Samantha Osborn - Mrs. Ham, Wife of Ham

Halle McGuire - Mrs. Jaffett, Wife of Jaffett.

Friends of Noye:

Peter Nagy, Joseph Capdevielle, Peter Rossi, Anthony Alford,


Lydia Potter, Marina Linner, Alma Lopez, Danna Hernandez, Annice Barber-Petroff, Sarah Lopez, Flannery Fangman, Claire Burks, Gwyneth Landau, Maria Everette, Margaret Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Katherine Hernandez


Dove - Lilia Lyden
Raven - Adele Zyniewicz
Pereguine Falcon - Louisa Nagy
Pereguine Falcon - Maggie Harold
Lady bug - Anneliese Kurdelak
Lady Bug - Samantha Gee
Dragonfly - Claire Capdevielle
Dragonfly - Madilyn Makowski
Turtle - Zach Bauer
Turtle Mary Campbell
Raccoon - Clare Judge
Raccoon - Arriana Mammolenti
Squid - Angela Philpott
Octopus - Gabriella Mammolenti
Platypus - Kylie Piper
Platypus - Emily Piper
Sheep - Isabella Rempel
Ram - David Nagy
Giraffe - Renee Bales
Giraffe - Danaisa Fitch
Jellyfish - Giovanni Mammolenti
Jellyfish - Sarah Sanford
Manatee - Angeline Barber-Petroff
Manatee - Monica Thomason
Cheetah - Elyse Welty
Cheetah - Margie Aguilar
Wolf - David Bautista-Amick
Wolf - Gracie Mejer

Notre Dame Children's Choir Staff

Mark Doerries, Artistic Director, Director of the Chamber Choir

Hillary Doerries, Accompanist and Choir Administrator

Anna Cooper - Co–Director of the Descant Choir

Andrew Jennings - Co–Director of the Descant Choir

Josh Haxton – Transportation Supervisor

Sheila McCarthy – Transportation Supervisor


Diane Walker, Margot Fassler, Carmen Tellez, Kelly McNally, Robert Simon, Ross Fergerson, Grant Mudge, Daniel Stowe, Janet Rudasics, Matt Haines, Good Shepherd Montessori School, Elaine Sizemore, Kelley Bretz, Lisa Anderson, Christ the King Lutheran Church Alleluia Ringers, South Bend Symphony, Chantelle Snyder, Jane Murphy, NDCC Parents, Michael Driscoll, Jeffery Cooper


Hesburgh Library, Lilly Foundation, Mellon Foundation, Sacred Music at Notre Dame, and the Notre Dame Children's Choir